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Earrings with natural stone, Amethyst.

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Weight: 10 g
Нет в наличии

Code: 665

Amethyst natural.

Earring size: 23*15 mm

Amethyst - it is a stone that has many magical properties. Magic amethyst helps to develop wisdom, opens the door to higher realms. We and many other peoples of amethyst symbolizes the peacefulness and sincerity. Winner of amethyst jewelry can be sure your partner loyalty, elect or chosen one. Amethyst is perfect for women who look after themselves. In ancient Greece, it was believed that amethyst is able to smooth out wrinkles, rejuvenates, removes age spots and freckles. If you put a stone amethyst under the pillow can cure insomnia and get rid of nightmares. It should be remembered that the stone like it when it is worn permanently. Features socks amethyst that during conflict situations can be reconstructed stone and absorb negative energy. In the case of quarrels, stressful situations at work recommended to remove the stone and hold briefly under cold running water for 5-7 minutes. During this time, the stone to calm down and be able to continue to nurture and protect his master. One of the main functions of amethyst is considered to protect his master from boredom and melancholy. Charity affects stone, and on the nature of the person who wears it, saving it from aggression, temper, arrogance and excessive nervousness. Jewellery with amethyst - is one of the most spectacular decorations, which promises you a happy and long married life, enduring feelings, understanding, loyalty and reciprocity. It presents with amethyst is taken seriously. Whoever gives jewelry with amethyst counts on reciprocity. In ancient times, people were confident that the Amethyst eliminates the devilish temptations. It is believed that amethyst can change its color depending on the weather. That is why the stone often like to bring travelers. We also know that amethyst is good not only in amorous, love affairs, but also great help unlock the creative potential and develop talents. Buy jewelry with amethyst can be on our website. Rings with amethyst earrings with amethyst, beads of amethyst.

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