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Silver earrings, Royal Heart

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Code: 1289

Metal: Silver 925
View: studs 
Manufacturer: Ukraine
Insertion Type: Phianits
Color inserts: White Fianit
Size, mm: Height - 9mm width - 9mm
Weight, gram: 1.25
Finish: Rhodium

In every real man a woman should go to the gold, silver and silk, and not care and routine work. Yes, many people can say at this time, something hard to do and to achieve such heights, but the main thing is the desire and persistently go to this. However, women should not forget that a man need not spread rot and properly and correctly push it is no wonder they say that behind every successful man is his woman who just helped him in difficult moments of life. Yes, something what time it was hard to break through to the top, but the closer to the top, so it gets harder and harder, but at the top you will find silver and gold. That all those who are now seeking, or has made significant progress we propose to buy silver earrings Ukrainian production of natural stone cubic zirconia. Silver - a semi-precious metal with unusual properties. These properties are very well used by the ancient people, using them primarily for the treatment, because many people know that if a man wears silver and it starts to get dark very quickly then it is something very sick, that is, silver as a test for the disease that uniquely tell you how much you are a healthy person. Inexpensive jewelry, made of silver, which is made in Ukraine jewelers can help you to make a very nice and always pertinent gift to your wife or girlfriend. Silver has a tag of the plant manufacturer with an indication of all the information on the production and on the product it has the stamp 925, confirming its originality. Silver has its fans - a cult as a separate people who wear only silver, many of these people are allergic to gold, but this allergy exists though quite rare type of allergy. The most interesting is that silver in its composition is very similar to gold, and that in the ancient alchemists of Alexandria took to experiment with the transformation of silver precious metal (gold). It turned out they had or not, no one really knows, but the debate about these experiments goes so far, yes, and many are fed and now to turn silver into gold. We invite you to support the Ukrainian producer and buy silver earrings made in Ukraine. Rates on our website are cheaper than other stores, so that anyone can afford to buy a decoration and not spending a lot of money for the purchase. Buy Ukrainian silver on our site!

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