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Earrings, Heart of the Ocean

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Weight: 2.8 g
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Code: 1245

Probably every girl wants to feel like the heroine of a popular movie. Take for example the Titanic. I love the rich and the poor girl, who sailed to America that would find their own happiness. Her family has a lot of money, his family is poor, he has a talent for drawing, she is a beauty, which has a diamond called the Heart of the ocean, and he has a notebook and pencil for drawings, all this is a bit like Romeo and Juliet, a beautiful story of where the girls are crying, the love that quickly ignited and which prevented destiny. Well, what girl would not want to just meet a guy, his only, at some cruise liner, but of course without the tragic death, but with a happy ending in the form of marriage, children, who are similar to them, and of course house or apartment with several machines. Of course, many think it's like a fairy tale for children at night that these dreams do not get off, but do not tell me you could not quite right or want to attach too much importance to this, the nature of love that everything was in moderation, around which you give a lot Conversely importance can not be realized. Here think of yourself as you fly in a dream? You just know that it's possible it's just a dream, but many say that's it's a dream and what reciprocal links in a dream and reality, we say that it is very big, just know that you have it, and your dream will come to you very , but of course if you lie on the couch, then your dreams will be difficult to find you, but if you are active and ambitious, then you'll be super. We offer to buy earrings from the medical gold, which are very similar to the one with the diamond film Titanic. Fusion, which is made with decoration called medical gold. Jewellery with such an alloy does not cause allergies and other irritations not pleasant at the time of wearing earrings, wearing these earrings can even children! On each ornament is a guarantee of quality. All jewelry purchased from our online store, have been certified in Italy and Ukraine. Each ornaments in a gift you receive a gift box. Buy from us, we only sell original jewelry made of gold from the medical in Italy!

Earring size: 18*13 mm

Stone Size: 12*12 mm

Inlay: zirconium

Every customer gift.

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