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Ring, Shining big diamond

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Weight: 2.1 g
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Code: 1236

At the end of the 20th century went on jewelry notoriety. Jewelry that time was not terribly high-quality, cause allergies, irritation, and very quickly loses its beauty. Of course there were exceptions, such as the French jewelry, even in the 80 years was very high quality, the price was certainly above the clouds (cheaper than gold, but not much), a ring worth 7 rubles, and for example, a metro ticket cost 5 cents, but the price Gold was higher. Anyone who has bought a French jewelry in those days can still boast of this decoration, for many a long period it is not darkened, and has not lost its luster, certainly for any decoration be it a high-quality gold jewelry, or need to take care of, once a year, you just need to clean them all. Nowadays, high-quality jewelry certainly has become much cheaper by gold. And the quality has not changed. The difference between Chinese and Italian jewelry just 50-80 hryvnia, but the Chinese rush 2 weeks, and the Italian is much longer, how long do not know, well, at least a year so accurately. Many customers who bought jewelry at the very beginning of our online store (05/04/2014) still wear our jewelry and is very happy with your purchase. We offer you to buy a ring from a medical gold. This alloy is very well established in Europe and now you have the opportunity to buy quality jewelry from the alloy. Every customer we can provide professional assistance in choosing the decorations and give answers to all the questions concerning the Italian jewelry we sell. All the decorations are certified for sale in Italy and Ukraine. For each product, you will have a guarantee of quality. When buying multiple items, you can save from 5 to 25%. We always go to meet our customers simply order or call us at the top of our website in numbers, and we will gladly answer all your questions. Each decoration has a present gift box, and it's absolutely free! Buy from us, we sell only high-quality jewelry, which does not cause allergies and other irritations not pleasant!

Stone Size: 6*6 mm

Inlay: zirconium

Every customer gift.

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